What is an A6 Binder?

Bullet journals are the best method of personal organization. Most people have heard of or written a standard journal, but what in the world is a bullet journal? A bullet journal is different from a regular journal, consisting of multiple sections.

Typical stuff in a bullet journal includes to-do lists, calendars, long-term goals, health-tracking schedules, etc. These journals are perfectly customizable as you can select everything from the binder to pages to the writing pen. However, a binder is the most fundamental phenomenon for bullet journal writers because your entire journal rests upon it!

As the name explains, a journal binder is a metallic ringed thing that can house punched pages. And they come in various sizes. For instance, you can buy an A7 or an a6 binder, and a5 binders are also available. But what is the best use of these binders? Can you expand your existing journal using them? Let’s find out!

Why Should You Buy an A6 Binder?

An a6 binder is the most common type used among bullet journal writers. But why is it so? Here are some benefits it provides compared to regular bound bullet journals.

Easy Page Addition and Removal

Since A6 is a kind of journal binder, it offers all the benefits of one. The first great thing about journal binders is that they are super-easy to use. Adding and removing pages is like cutting butter with a warm knife! All there is to do is open the binder and remove or add the desired pages. It is an excellent pro that regular bound journals don’t offer, and if you mess up some pages, it will ruin the whole appearance of your journal.


Journal binders are the same size as printer pages, so you can print your pages and add them to your journal. Also, using an A6 journal binder saves you from the hectic task of creating an index. You can use section dividers to create multiple sections in your diaries.

Prevents Journal Migration

Pages eventually run out if you are using a regular bound journal. It causes inconvenience as you have to rewrite your things into a new journal, and the process goes on. However, a ring binder can prevent that. You can add as many pages as you want without any inconvenience.


Journals binders are incredibly cost-effective. If you write many things in your bullet journals, your paged journal will run out fast. Ultimately forcing your hand for a purchase. In comparison, an A6 journal binder only requires the money for pages, not the binder.


Since the section dividers are easily findable, you don’t have to waste your time fidgeting with pages to find where you last wrote your stuff.

Multiple Options Available

Journal binders are perfectly customizable, and since A6 is a popular size, you’ll find more decorating options. Some users prefer to avoid the metallic shine of the journal binders; you can always cover it. There are endless covers available in the market, so you can easily find something unique to upscale the appearance of your journal!

Why Is A6 Better Than Other Binders?

Typical sizes of binders are A7, A6, and A5. The A7 binders usually measure up to 6 ¾ widths and 9 ¼ lengths, while the A5 binders have the dimensions of 4 ½ widths and 5 ½ inches in length. However, an A6 binder falls in the middle (5 ¾ widths and 8 ¼ lengths), so your journal’s overall size will be perfect and not too large or too small.


Bullet journals are an efficient way to organize multiple things. You can set up your to-do lists, goals, and other essential items. However, picking a convenient journal binder size is the most vital thing. An A6 binder is the most versatile option. You can easily customize it, and because of the standard size, its cost is less than larger binders.

Ring journal binders are seamlessly customizable. So you can easily find some pretty covers to adorn your journal. Also, the binders prevent journal migration which is the biggest win for journal writers.



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